Valhalla Laboratory (Lab Kit Staking)

It's not a cult.
Welcome, Awakened ape. You have earned the right to enter these premises by demonstrating your bravery and commitment to my cause. This laboratory is now your workbench for righteous experimentation.
Take advantage of my tools and supplies to catalyze your reactions. The sacrament you produce in this lab will unlock the next stage of your ascension.
Tribe, you may now stake your Lab Kits in the Laboratory. At the end of the lock period you will receive 1 of 3 different tokens, depending on the Catalyst you select. The tokens will be redeemable through a claim page on Magic Eden for Acid of corresponding potency. Acid will have critical utility in the second Spirit Quest. The benefit of producing a more potent (more expensive) form of Acid is based on its effect. The Effect of Acid determines your Ape’s probability of reaching Enlightenment in the Acid Spirit Quest. You will only be able to utilize one Acid per Ascension attempt; you cannot stack multiple Acids to increase probability.


There are 3 Catalysts you can enable when staking your Lab Kit. These Catalysts are 1-time use, and you can only select 1 per Lab Kit per staking cycle. You must select one of the 3 Catalysts there is no option to stake the Lab Kit without a Catalyst. See chart for details on Catalyst benefits:
Days Until Claim
Effect of Acid
Chemist Goggles
250 $TRB
1 Diluted Acid Claim Token
10% chance of Enlightenment
Blotter Paper
900 $TRB
1 Laced Acid Claim Token
50/50 chance of Enlightenment
Bunsen Burner
2,000 $TRB
1 Pure Acid Claim Token
Guarantees Enlightenment

What happens at the end of the lock period?

After the lock period, you will be able to unstake your Lab Kit. Upon unstaking, you will receive your Acid Claim Token as an airdrop and will be returned your Lab Kit. You can stake your Lab Kit at any time and you will be able to restake your Lab Kit at the end of the lock period.

What happens in the event of a failed Ascension?

A new set of game specs will be released surrounding the Acid Spirit Quest. For now, it is important to understand that a failed Acid Ascension will not permanently damage your Trippin’ Ape or affect its metadata. Nothing you do will cause you to lose your Trippin’ Ape. However, any $TRB spent or Acid consumed is gone forever.