Spore Airdrop

It's not a cult.
For 10,000 Apes, there are 10,000 Spores. Each Ape has been allocated 1 Spore. Spores were initially distributed on 5/29. There were 9270 Apes who received their Spore. The Apes who did not receive a Spore did not receive because the Ape was not in their wallet (listed for sale).
On 6/27 we did another round of Spore airdrops and distributed an additional 546 spores to delisted Apes.
A 3rd round of Spores will be distributed to the remaining 184 Apes who were listed during both airdrops and are delisted at the time of round 3. The wallet currently holding an Ape that did not receive a Spore in the first two airdrops will receive a Spore as long as the Ape is not listed (Apes in meditation will be allocated to the wallet that deposited the Ape).
You can also purchase a Spore on Magic Eden.