Chorles's Meadow (Spore Staking)

It's not a cult.
This meadow is protected, but do tread lightly on sacred ground. Take a look around. The forest floor is teeming with life, energy, and spirit.
Plant your spores in its fertile soil, and tend to them as if they were your own children. My disciples who cultivate their personal gardens with the purest of intentions will yield the most abundant crop. And in doing so, they will be driven deeper into my teachings and closer to the Truth.
Tribe, you may now stake your Spores in the Meadow. At the end of the lock period you will receive 1 or 2 Mushroom Claim Tokens, depending on the powerup you select. As you are staking the spore, you can select a powerup to be paid in $TRB that will have an effect on the yield and timelock period. You don't need an Ape to stake a Spore.


There are 3 Powerups you can enable when you plant your Spore. These Powerups are 1-time use and you can only select 1 per Spore per plant cycle. See chart below for details on Powerup benefits.
Days Until Harvest
Yield (Mushroom Claim Tokens)
No Powerup
60 $TRB
Spray Bottle
100 $TRB
Cow Dung
150 $TRB
Grow Light
190 $TRB

What happens at the end of the lock period?

You will receive your Yield of Mushroom Claim Token(s) (airdrop) and you will be able to unstake your Spore. You can stake your Spore at any time and you will be able to claim and restake your Spore at the end of the lock period.