Meditation (Staking)

It's not a cult.
"When you enter this temple, check your earthly concerns at the door. Here your only obligations are to your Self and the Tribe. Rest your focus on my altar and repeat the Code of Chorles silently. Use it as a mantra, until you transcend the mind altogether and find your awareness in pure, unbridled consciousness. You may stay as long as you like. But know that those who fully surrender stand the most to gain."

To Begin Meditation (Stake)

Select Wallet > Connect Wallet > Select Ape under "Not Meditating" > Start Meditation > Select Timelock > Approve Transaction. Your Ape is now meditating.

To End Mediation (Unstake)

Select Wallet > Connect Wallet > Select Ape under "Meditating" > End Meditation > Approve Transaction. Your Ape is now back from meditation and in your wallet.
You can claim $TRB at anytime regardless of timelock period You don't have to redeem $TRB every day, it will accumulate

Timelocked Staking

Meditation is how you stake your Trippin’ Ape for $TRB, the utility token of the Trippin’ Ape Tribe ecosystem. The amount of $TRB you yield/day is dependent on the timelock period you select. If you stake your Ape in a timelock you will not be able to move the Ape between wallets, sell the Ape etc. until the lock period is over. How deeply will you surrender:
10 $TRB/day
11 $TRB/day
12 $TRB/day
20 $TRB/day

Transaction Errors

If you experience any transaction error message as you stake/unstake or redeem $TRB, please check whether the actions have been executed (is the ape still in your wallet, is the tribe in your wallet, etc). We have been seeing false error messages where the message shows failed but the transaction still executes properly. If you refresh the page after 30 seconds and don’t see the actions executed, please resend the transaction.


If the Ape is not loading on the website at all, please switch vpn on/off or switch to a different wifi/cellular network on your device. If you are still having issues please open a ticket in our discord.
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